BD Alaris™ Communication Engine

Making the infusion experience safer, simpler and smarter through BD award-winning* IT technology and connectivity solutions


With the need for enhanced quality performance and transparent cost of ownership1 becoming increasingly important, making the right investment in technology and maintaining the highest level of service are fundamental2. When managing infusion solutions, you can benefit from a software that:

  • Automates the transfer of drug libraries, settings and clinical events
  • Helps optimise your time for device management/servicing3
  • Helps to improve your cost-efficiency3

Features and Benefits

Continuous data transfer

Healthcare professionals can transfer drug libraries to the smart pumps and download clinical events from them automatically.

Centralised asset management and visualisation of infusions

Biomedical Engineers can locate pumps connected to the network if docked on the BD Alaris™ Gateway Workstation (AGW).

Near real-time central view of Guardrails™ soft limit violation notification

Display of Guardrails™ soft limit violations enables pharmacists and head nurses to remotely identify infusions running outside of therapeutic range.

The BD Difference

Clinical Performance benefits

  • Standardisation of drug libraries throughout the entire hospital without clinical downtime.
  • Near real-time Guardrails™ limit violation notifications to help with nursing supervision and education on a new drug library.
  • Centralized remote visualisation of device battery status before patient transport.
  • Contributes to improved patient safety and reduced hospital stay.4
  • Contributes to decreased cost linked to Adverse Drug Events.5

Staff and process efficiency benefits

  • Secure auto-documentation of infusion data to patient charts to help free up nursing time.
  • Central repository for Data Set files and approved reports to help with audits and traceability.
  • Comprehensive status reports for drug library deployment helps identify which pumps need updating.
  • Automatic, continuous and remote Guardrails™ event log download without clinical interruption enables faster data analysis in CQI** within 24 hours of the event occurring.
  • Central view of pump infusion status from anywhere in the hospital or remotely using standard web browsers.


Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

*In 2018, Fenin, the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies, has awarded BD with an award to recognize our Corporate Social Responsibility in Sustainable Innovation for the release of the BD Alaris™ Communication Engine.

**CQI refers to BD Alaris™ CQI Event Reporter software.

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