BD BBL™ GasPak™ jars


BD BBL™ GasPak™ jars are designed to hold 90-mm x 15-mm BD BBL™ stacker Petri dishes or 150-mm x 15-mm plates.



Features and Benefits

Pressure and vacuum


BD BBL™ GasPak™ jars withstand 2 psi of pressure; then vent. This is a safety feature of the design.

Prereduced media


When prereducing prepared media in the jars, refrigerate after the anaerobic indicator is reduced (for 1 to 1.5 hours).

BD BBL™ GasPak™ 100 jar


The jar is designed to hold one stack of up to 12 90-mm x 15-mm BD BBL™ Stacker™ Petri dishes.

BD BBL™ GasPak™ 150 jar


The jar holds three stacks of 12, 90-mm x 15-mm BD BBL™ Stacker Petri dishes or 12 150-mm x 15-mm BD BBL™ plates.

BD BBL™ GasPak™ 100 jar dimensions

The jar holds 2.5 L, with an internal diameter of 12 cm, and measures 22 cm x 29 cm.


BD BBL™ GasPak™ 150 jar dimensions

The jar holds 9.5 L, with an internal diameter of 22 cm, and measures 22.5 cm x 30 cm.


We recommend a mild soap solution like household dish detergent. Do not autoclave the jars.


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