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BD BBL™ prepared tubed media

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BD BBL™ prepared tubed media enables the isolation and identification of microorganisms. Tubed media are ideal for cultures requiring prolonged incubation, since many can be incubated with tightly closed caps to prevent dehydration and subsequent inhibition of growth. Offering a wide variety of sizes, we can manufacture your individual culture medium in the size your application demands.

Features and Benefits
Eliminated contamination risk
Special long-necked, rubber-lined screw caps eliminate danger of contamination.
Easy inoculation
Larger-sized tubes with wider diameters permit easy inoculation and media handling.
Moisture loss prevention

Tubes are made from borosilicate glass with black screw caps securely fitted to prevent loss of moisture.

Displacement resistance
Most tubes contain a special resilient rubber liner, which resists displacement even during autoclaving.

"A" tube size: 19.5 mm x 145 mm

The "A" tube contains solid media (e.g., BD Trypticase™ soy agar), with a media quantity equivalent to one plate (i.e., approximately 20 mL). This tube is also designed as a pour tube.

"K" tube size: 16.5 mm x 102 mm

The "K" tube provides the convenience of a wide mouth while saving vertical shelf space. Unless otherwise noted, slants contain approximately 4 to 5 mL, slants with butts approximately 6 mL and broths approximately 5 to 8 mL, depending on the formulation.

Vials for amies size: 19 mm x 53 mm

Amies transport media vials are filled to the cap.



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