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BD CultureSwab™ collection and transport systems

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BD CultureSwab™ and BD CultureSwab™ Plus collection and transport systems help collect and transport aerobes and anaerobes. Numerous published studies have shown that compared to other options, BD CultureSwab swabs provide enhanced performance for microorganism recovery.1–3


Features and Benefits

Multiple configurations

Available with liquid Stuart or liquid Amies media in more than 15 swab and shaft configurations, BD CultureSwab products are designed to meet a wide range of transport needs.

Faecal specimen transport

The BD CultureSwab system is available with Cary-Blair medium for use in transporting faecal specimens.

Aerobic and facultative anaerobic sampling

The BD CultureSwab Plus system features a 5-mL Amies agar gel column with oxygen-scavenging agents, for sampling of both aerobic and facultative anaerobic organisms.

Performance-enhancing features

The BD CultureSwab system includes unique performance-enhancing features such as nitrogen-flushed packaging.

Patented design

The BD CultureSwab system features a patented tube design with a tamper-evident seal and double-action security cap.



Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.


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  2. Hirschman JS, Perry JL. Modification of swab applicators providing full compliance with NCCLS standard M40-A. Paper presented at: ASM 104th General Assembly; May 2004; New Orleans, LA.
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