BD Kiestra™ Work Cell Automation (WCA) System

Streamline your microbiology workflow


BD Kiestra™ WCA system is a scalable, automated solution designed for microbiology laboratories of all sizes, enabling you to automate multiple processes in a small footprint.

The WCA system integrates automated sample processing, plate transportation, incubation and digital imaging.

Features and Benefits
Advance quality

Standardise inoculation volume, streaking patterns and incubation times, reduce human variation and help improve quality of results.1, 2

Enhance efficiencies
Automate laboratory workflow from sample processing to digital plate reading.
Increase staff productivity
Increase productivity and free up laboratory staff to focus efforts on clinically complex work.1
Enhanced incubation

Enhance bacterial growth3 by standardizing incubation times and conditions in a controlled and closed automated environment with the BD Kiestra™ ReadA Compact.

Features and Benefits
High throughput

Achieve high throughput and high-quality inoculation with BD Kiestra™ InoqulA sample processor.


Connect up to three BD Kiestra™ ReadA  incubation and digital imaging systems to form a storage capacity of up to 3,456 plates.

Maximise staff

Take on more workload1, reallocate lab staff1 and improve staff productivity and lab capacity by extending walkaway time1.

Connected workbenches

Provide access to information anywhere, anytime with BD Synapsys™ informatics solution.



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