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BD Microtainer® Blood Collection Tubes

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BD Microtainer® Tubes are used to collect, transport and store blood specimens obtained through skin puncture. The tubes are applicable to the general population, but are particularly used on infants, small children, geriatric, and critical care patients from whom venous blood specimens are particularly difficult to obtain.

The cap colours correspond to those used in venous blood collection tubes to identify the tube additive. Fill lines on the tubes ensure correct fill volume and blood: additive ratio.

BD Microgard™ Closure

The special design of the BD Microgard™ safety closure substantially reduces blood splashing after the tubes has been opened.

Features and Benefits
Printed lot numbers
Printed lot numbers
Each tube includes printed lot numbers, fill lines and the expiration date.
Patient labels
Patient labels
Extenders can be attached to assist with attaching patient labels for transport.


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