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BD Pyxis™ Remote Manager Temp Monitor and BD Pyxis™ Remote Manager

Implement automated temperature-sensitive medication dispensing, monitoring and management

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BD Pyxis™ Remote Manager Temp Monitor and BD Pyxis™ Remote Manager are software modules and electronic latch systems that automate the dispensing of temperature-sensitive medications, fluids, tissues and implants. BD Pyxis™ Remote Manager Temp Monitor adds a temperature sensor with digital display for storage-device temperature monitoring.  


Please note: BD Pyxis™ Remote Manager Temp Monitor (formerly known as SMART Remote Manager) does not meet new temperature monitoring recommendations for a digital data logger as established by the Center for Disease Control for the Vaccines for Children program, released in January 2018 in US. However, BD Pyxis™ ES Refrigerator is available as an option that meets these new recommendations.

Features and Benefits


Integrates with the BD Pyxis MedStation ES and BD Pyxis MedStation ES Tower

Enhanced patient safety

The systems reduce the chance of administering medications or implanting tissues exposed to inappropriate temperatures.

Enhanced medication safety

BD Pyxis Remote Manager Temp Monitor provides a warning if internal storage device temperatures fall outside of user-defined limits.



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