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BD Vacutainer® UltraTouch Push Button Blood Collection Set

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BD Vacutainer ® UltraTouch TM Push Button Blood Collection Set
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The BD Vacutainer® UltraTouch Push Button Blood Collection Set is engineered to minimise patient discomfort1,2 during blood collection and can improve difficult venous access1 to help with first stick success. The Ultra-thin wall improves blood flow rates which enable faster fill times of tubes3 and blood culture bottles4 without compromising on sample quality.

Features and Benefits

Minimise patient discomfort

Studies have shown that this design helps reduce the chance of a painful venepuncture with 56% of paediatric patients reported feeling no pain.1 This new safety device has been shown to reduce penetration forces with a 5 bevel needle tip compared to another 3 bevel.2

Access difficult veins

In addition, its exclusive BD RightGauge, Ultra-thin wall technology allows for better blood flow due to the needle’s larger inner diameter. Therefore clinicians were able to down-gauge to a 25 G BD UltraTouch to access small and fragile veins1, with nurses finding the 25 G easier to use than a standard safety blood collection set.1

Reduced accidental needlesticks

The single-handed, in-vein safety activation button instantly retracts the needle after use, has demonstrated to reduce accidental needlestick injuries by up to 88%.5



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