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Echo PS™ Positioning System with Ventralight™ ST Mesh  

Low profile bioresorbable coated permanent mesh with positioning system designed for laparoscopic ventral hernia repair

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Unique Design. Exceptional Performance. Significant Results.

The Echo PS™ Positioning System is a low profile balloon that comes pre-attached to Ventralight™ ST Mesh. When inflated, the Echo PS™ Positioning System facilitates the deployment of the mesh during laparoscopic ventral hernia repair. Upon completion of initial perimeter fixation, the balloon is deflated quickly and completely removed from the body.


Features and Benefits

Mesh Preparation


    • Comes pre-attached with Ventralight™ ST Mesh.
    • Designed to ensure that barrier protection is oriented towards viscera.
    • Reduces mesh preparation time and user frustration.1


    • Does not require dedicated trocar.
    • Potentially reduces patient trauma.
    • Following mesh introduction, trocar is free to be used with other laparoscopic instruments.


    • Technique designed to center mesh over defect.
    • Alleviates guesswork and facilitates centering.

    Compared to positioning with transfascial sutures, Echo PS™ Positioning System:

    • Reduces mesh positioning by over 60%1
    • Reduces procedure time variability by 84%1


    • Requires only one set of hands.
    • Once positioned with the Echo PS™ Positioning System, mesh stays in place allowing the surgeon to use both hands for fixation.
    • No assistance or handoff needed to hold mesh in place during fixation potentially leading to increased accuracy.
    • Unique flexible balloon design.
    • Allows mesh to conform to the abdominal wall.
    • Occupies less intraabdominal space and is designed not get in the way of fixation.
    Mesh Handling Times and Positioning Times Charts

    Reproducible results

    The Echo PS™ Positioning System puts the control into the surgeon’s hands resulting in reproducible results in less time.1

    • The Echo PS™ Positioning System technique eliminates the guesswork by facilitating accurate mesh centering and assisted fixation without the need for an extra set of hands.
    • More than 3 years of clinical experience and a growing number of surgeons adopting the technology into their standard practice.
    • Award-winning innovative design streamlines laparoscopic procedures, saving time and reducing procedure time variability by 84%.1
    1. When compared to positioning with transfascial sutures in a preclinical study.

    2. Date on file at C. R. Bard, Inc. Results may not correlate to performance in humans.


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    • Please consult product labels and instructions for use for indications, contradictions, hazards, warnings, and precautions.

    BD-69622 (09/22)