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OptiFix™ Absorbable Fixation System

Absorbable Fixation Redefined

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The OptiFix™ Absorbable Fixation System has been engineered inside and out to provide surgeon confidence and secure fixation in a reliable, easy to use, and ergonomic design.

Challenges and opportunities in absorbable fixation

Absorbable Fixation devices can provide important benefits and lead to repeatable outcomes. However, Absorbable Fixation devices that facilitate soft tissue repair may also be associated with certain challenges, such as:

  • Excessive deployment force may cause tissue trauma and bleeding1
  • Fasteners may be difficult to see laparoscopically potentially leading to the placement of unnecessary fasteners
  • Device may be uncomfortable or awkward to deploy in smaller sized hands and may be sensitive to surgeon technique
Features and Benefits
Outcome-driven fixation
Outcome-driven fixation

The OptiFix™ Absorbable Fastener is made from Poly(D, L-Lactide) and is designed for optimal performance. Fastener features include:

Smooth Fastener Head

  • Minimizes the potential for tissue attachment1
  • Ensures mesh is securely fixated


Hollow Core Design

  • Allows tissue ingrowth through the fastener1


Angled Tip

  • Easily penetrates mesh and tissue1



  • Enhances tissue holding strength
  • Prevents the fastener from backing out
Fixate with confidence
Fixate with confidence

OptiFix™ fasteners provide secure fixation during the postoperative healing period then slowly resorbs over time.

Preferred Ergonomic Feel and Design

Preferred Ergonomic Feel and Design

Surgeon Feedback4

Surgeons prefer the handling of OptiFix™ versus other fixation devices

In a blind preference test assessing surgeons’ preference of device comfort, trigger force, and overall fit, feel and fire, OptiFix™ was preferred nearly 4x more frequently than the next closest competitor.



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