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PowerGroshong™ PICC Catheter

A versatile catheter combining simplicity of care with the benefits of power injection capability

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BD offers a distally-valved silicone peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) indicated for power injection of contrast media.



  • Power injectable
  • Maximum injection rates
  • Three-Way Groshong™ Valve
  • Reverse tapered design
  • Multiple tray configurations
  • Latex-free components
  • Needlestick safety components
groshong-TIP_1_R_H 1
Three-Way Valve
Controls the flow of fluids for infusion therapy. Reduces blood reflux and clotting over non-valved catheters.

Features and Benefits

  • Power Injection Indication
    Enables a single device to be used for multiple therapies.
  • Three-Way Valve 
    Controls the flow of fluids for infusion therapy. Reduces blood reflux and clotting over non-valved catheters.
  • White Catheter Length Markings
    Clearly identifies length markings on the catheter body.
  • Increased Flow Rates
    Greater flow rates when compared to Groshong™ single-lumen PICCs (4 Fr).
  • Reverse Tapered Design
    Strengthens the external portion of the catheter and tamponades bleeding at the insertion site.
  • Silicone Construction
    Offers superior biocompatibility for extended indwelling time.

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DescriptionBasic Tray
PowerGroshong™ Catheter
Basic Tray
PowerGroshong™ Catheter
with Sherlock™ Tip Location System
Full Tray
PowerGroshong™ Catheter 
Single-Lumen PICC, 5 Fr111
Syringe (12 mL)112
StatLock™ Stabilisation Device111
Introducer, Safety Peripheral IV Catheter (20 G)111
Measuring Tape112
Flexura™ Guidewire (0.46 mm)111
Safety Scalpel111
Needle, Introducer 21G111
End Cap111
MicroEZ™ Microintroducer111
Suture Wing111
Sherlock™ Sensor Holder 1 
Bouffant Cap  1
Towel, Absorbent  1
Gauze, 10 cm x 10 cm (4 in. x 4 in.)  10
Gauze, 5 cm x 5 cm (2 in. x 2 in.)  6
Mask  2
Gown  1
Adhesive Dressing  1
Drape, Fenestrated, Full-Body  1
Gloves (Pair)  1
Tourniquet  1
Drape, Absorbent  1
Needle, Safety Hypodermic 25G  1




Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

Available sizes: 5 Fr. Single-Lumen 

Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.