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Rotarex™ S Rotational Atherothrombectomy System

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Indicated for use in the peripheral arteries for:

  • Native bypass
  • Artificial bypass
  • Stent grafts
  • In-stent restenosis
  • Atherectomy
  • Thrombectomy


Features and benefits:

  • PAD lesions can be complex, Rotarex™ S Rotational Atherothrombectomy System is dual indicated for atherectomy and thrombectomy.
  • Aspiration rates of 45-75ml/min to help ensure removal of plaques and acute to chronic thrombus
  • Additional luminal gain with no external blades.
  • Helps minimise distal embolisation.
  • Additional luminal gain is achieved by a vortex created around the rotating cylinder. Large side windows further break down and efficiently remove detached material.
  • Rotating helix creates continuous negative pressure at tip; actively aspirating and transporting material away.
  • Rotating atraumatic catheter head with blunt facets modifies and detaches mixed morphology lesions.
Features and Benefits

Built to remove

The Rotarex™ S Rotational Atherothrombectomy System synchronises three distinct mechanisms of action to modify, excise and aspirate complex lesions.

Simple setup and small footprint

We understand that anything that can help to save time, space and reduce complexity in the lab is essential. The Rotarex™ S Rotational Atherothrombectomy System is simple to set up and easy to use, with a small plug-and-play capital component and reusable handle that is easily draped. Additionally, the Rotarex™ S Rotational Atherothrombectomy System does not require any warm-up, infusion or catheter cleanout.


Operated by hand or optional-use foot switch to facilitate single- or multiple-operator scenarios. Magnetic coupling facilitates ease of use while in the sterile environment.

Ergonomic handle

Easy to use handle designed for single operator control. Disposable catheter simply clips to reusable portion of the handle.


Designed to perform in a variety of lesions, including complex, mixed morphology occlusions. No defined limitations on treatable lesion length.


Nitinol core shaft with PTFE coating for catheter support. Hydrophilically-coated with a flexible, angled tip to enable lesion crossing. Gold-plated Tungsten coil to enhance visualisation under fluoroscopy.

Collecting bag and drape

High volume collecting bag allows for uninterrupted removal of occluding material.

Drive system

Small, portable design. Easy set-up; plug-in and switch on. System is auto-aspirating, without the need for a separate pump.



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