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SourceLink™ Connectors  

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The SourceLink™ System offers a customised approach to performing stranded implants. It addresses the challenges associated with current stranded products as well as provides the flexibility of seed and spacer implant techniques.

SourceLink™ Connectors in pre-loaded needles are available for customers who want a product that is delivered ready for implant. The product arrives with iodine seeds and SourceLink™ Connectors configured to your plan.

All pre-loaded needle configurations are prepared under strict quality guidelines and shipped in lead-free packaging.

Features and Benefits

Offered in three different lengths

The bioabsorbable SourceLink™ Connectors are offered in three different lengths,
which allows for variable spacing.

Easily lock together

SourceLink™ Connectors easily lock together and snap apart from seeds, allowing
easy loading and changes.

Composed of 70:30 poly

Composed of 70:30 poly (L-lactide-co-D, L-lactide). Used routinely in
bioabsorbable-implanted devices. Complete degradation of the materials does not occur for 18 to 24 months.

Ready to use individually

Unlike stranded seed products that must be purchased in sets of ten, SourceLink™ Connectors come ready to use individually, helping to eliminate waste in excess seeds.

Remains structurally intact for 170 days

SourceLink™ material remains structurally intact for 170 days, allowing most of the dose to be delivered to the gland while the source is still held in its place of original placement.

High column strength

Works well in the needles: SourceLink™ Connectors have a high column strength and do not readily absorb moisture



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