BD Cato™ Prescribe Module

BD Cato™ Prescribe Module

BD Cato™ Prescribe provides the functionality to enable users to take action wherever therapeutically relevant decisions are made.


BD Cato™ has enabled us to improve the quality of our chemotherapy and biologic therapy by stratifying workflow, improving documentation of ordering medication by the physicians as well as preparation of medication in the pharmacy. We have improved co-operation with nurses and physicians in order to decrease medication errors and cut down on labor costs.”


“By having BD Cato™ we have standardised prescription process and reduced the possibilty of errors, caused by transcription, mishandling of paperwork, wrong calculated doses and medications which have been wrongly prescribed. A huge improvement overall offering my team more confidence in their day to day work.”

Head of Pharmacy , Ülle Helena Meren
East Tallinn Central Hospital

BD Cato™ allows attending physicians to plan therapies on a long-term basis.

BD Cato™ therapy plans and protocols

Physicians and pharmacists can design, and regularly consult, therapeutic protocols. Rules concerning dose modification and the deferral of therapy cycles can be included in these protocols and the resulting therapy plans.

Patient data and lab results are received from the hospital information system to enable therapy planning, prescription and online request of cytotoxic medications and other individual therapeutic agents.

Automatic dosage calculations, pop-up warnings and preset regiments help to reduce the risk of medication errors. The Software provides support with the calculation of dose (based on any formula and calculation basis), dose limits (e.g. with regimen-dependent dose limit rules) and dose monitoring (including cumulative doses).

Bed planning solution enables scheduling of chairs and beds available for out-patients. Chairs or beds can be reserved for the duration of an administration and can be assigned to a patient. Any changes in appointments in this module are automatically transmitted to the BD Cato™ Prescribe and BD Cato™ Pharmacy modules.

Connected modules means improved efficiency

BD Cato™ additionally improves communication between wards and pharmacies because when a therapy is cancelled on BD Cato™ Prescribe at short notice, the system is updated live to BD Cato™ Pharmacy. This increases efficiencies in the pharmacy as it means spending less time fielding phone calls or monitoring orders coming through.

BD Cato™ addresses a number of common pain points in the prescribing and preparation process, as it automatically documents all these actions and the timing of them, making tracing and tracking of discrepancies possible and easy.

EU MDR Compliance

BD Cato™ Prescribe

The European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is a new set of regulations that governs the production and distribution of medical devices in Europe, ensuring high standards of quality and safety for the CE certification. Compliance with the MDR regulation is mandatory for medical device companies that want to sell their products in the European market.

Quality and regulatory compliance is our top priority in BD and we are proud to have received a CE marking for BD Cato™ Prescribe, certified under the EU Medical Device Regulation. Having successfully finalised this certification will allow us to focus on product innovations going forward.


New product classification

Significantly, as part of the new regulation process, BD Cato™ Prescribe has been higher classified from class I to class IIb. This new classification gives BD Cato™ Prescribe patients and customers:

  • The reassurance of the continuing high safety conformity of BD Cato™ Prescribe
  • New levels of transparency, with data uploaded to EUDAMED
  • The data uploaded to EUDAMED depends on the implementation progress of the database by the European Commission
  • Easier traceability via UDI numbering

Read more about MDR/IVDR Regulations on here

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BD Cato™ Prescribe (version 2.49 and higher) is a medical device and fulfills the requirements for CE marking of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and is marked with