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BD Alaris™ neXus GP Volumetric Pump  

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The BD Alaris™ neXus GP Volumetric Pump with Wi-Fi connectivity brings medication safety and patient infusion data capture to all care areas.

The BD Alaris™ neXus GP Volumetric Pump offers a range of features for drug therapy, blood transfusion and parenteral feeding.


Features and Benefits

Helps prevent medication errors

The Guardrails™ Suite of Safety Software is a medication safety and quality auditing system designed specifically for infusions. It can positively affect patient outcomes by facilitating continuous improvements in the quality of practice.

Air-in-line detection

Protection for single bubble or accumulation.

Wireless connectivity

Simplify the infusion experience through award winning IT* and connectivity solutions.

Medication Safety

BD Alaris™ neXus GP Volumetric Pump is designed to help prevent medications errors1-2, whilst simplifying the infusion process to release time for care and improve workflow efficiency3

Protecting every infusion

    The BD Alaris™ neXus GP Volumetric Pump can protect every IV therapy with Guardrails™. Over the air secure drug library deployment to pumps anywhere in the hospital allows clinicians to benefit from the latest drug library and protection limits without infusion disruption or having to remove the pump from the clinical area.4

    Infusion status at a glance

      With multiple pumps needing to be managed at the patient’s bedside, nurses benefit from the security of a large and clear screen that provides detailed information.

      Capability to standardise protocols hospital wide with 3,000 drug setups, 30 profiles and unlimited setups per profile in the drug library

      Default and user adjustable pressure limits allow for early detection of patient access occlusion.

      Large and clear display shows all key parameters at a glance.


      Wi-Fi enabled IV medication safety system for all care areas in Hospitals

          • “Over the air” seamless drug library updates and CQI download via BD Alaris™ Communication Engine 2.0 to enable infusion protocol standardization throughout the whole hospital.
          • “Over the air” seamless pump event logs download (fluid, key presses, service, events) from any care area to streamline biomedical investigation activities.


            • “Over the air” accurate and encrypted patient infusion data available to stream to PDMS via BD Alaris™ Communication Engine 2.0 for all care areas.
            • Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology for faster and robust wireless connection at greater range
            • Dual antennae for enhanced signal range over vertical and horizontal planes
            • Broad wireless coverage with dual antennas
            • BD Alaris™ Communication Engine (ACE) Server
            • Hospital Information System


            Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

            * Fenin – Spanish federation of healthcare technology recognised BD with the ‘Voluntades Award’ a corporate Social responsibility in sustainable innovation award. BD Alaris™ Communication engine team received this prestigious distinction, as a solution to reduce medication errors and its associated costs. The award was given by the Ministry of Health in a ceremony during the 24th Annual HealthCare Technology meeting on June 13, 2018;

            1) Manrique-Rodríguez S, et al., 2016;

            2) Sara Arenas Lopez, et al., 2016;

            3) Waterson et al., 2019;

            4) Ohashi K, Dalleur O, Dykes PC, Bates DW. Benefits and risks of using smart pumps to reduce medication error rates: a systematic review. Drug Saf. 2014;37(12):1011–20.