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BD SafetyGlide Safety Injection Needle with BD Luer-Lok syringe

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The BD SafetyGlide is designed to ensure protection from needlesticks injuries after injection. Easy activation keeps healthcare workers protected and efficient.

Features and Benefits

  • BD SafetyGlide Safety Needles with BD Activation Assist Technology help protect from needlestick injuries through its integrated safety mechanism
  • Fluid single-finger activation requires minimal training and no significant change in injection technique
  • “Bevel up” design eliminates safety arm interference to facilitate low angle injections 

  • BD Activation Assist technology ensures quick coverage of the needle by a single finger stroke immediately after injection
  • The hinge arm can be pushed forward manually after use allowing a mechanism to move forward towards the needle point
  • After the arm movement has been initiated manually, the hinge arm mechanism completes the full engagement 

  • When the cover reaches the needle point it slides over the point and provides a secure encapsulation
  • Needle is safely protected after shielding
  • Sterile, single use
  • Natural Rubber Latex is not part of the material formulation  



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