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BD Integra Syringe with Detachable, Retracting Needle

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The BD Integra™ syringe is designed to have significantly lower dead space volume as compared to a traditional luer lock syringe and needle that may result in reduced medication waste.1 It also provides clinicians a choice of when to activate the safety feature - before or after the needle is withdrawn from the patient.

Features and Benefits

Needlestick prevention

The syringe eliminates needle exposure after activation.

Interior space

The syringe has low dead space volume.

BD Integra™ Syringe with spring-based retracting needle combines innovative technology with BD® quality and comfort


The non-luer thread design - BD Tru-Lok™ of the BD Integra™ detachable needle provides:

  • Secure connection
  • Lower dead space volume as compared to a traditional luer-lock syringe and needle
  • Less waste space to reduce drug wastage

Complete dosing ensured prior to activation


BD Integra™ Blunt Needle allows change of needle for aspiration and administration


No change in technique

Safety can be activated immediately after injection; needle is completely retracted into the syringe barrel and syringe and needle cannot be reused


Sterile, single use

Natural Rubber Latex is not part of the material formulation


Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

  1. Tacvorian E. Memo: Residual Volume Comparison between BD Integra™ 3mL combo syringe and equivalent BD Luer-Lok™ conventional syringe. Data on file at BD. 2012.