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PerFix™ Light Plug

Lighter-weight version of the proven PerFix™ Plug, for use when a reduced amount of material is indicated.

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Live life tension-free

A lighter-weight version of our proven PerFix™ Plug for tension-free inguinal hernia repair. The PerFix™ Light Plug is ideal for use in a tension-free preperitoneal repair technique where a lighter-weight mesh and reduced amount of implanted material is indicated.

Features and Benefits

Lighter weight

  • Lighter-weight monofilament polypropylene mesh.
  • Reduced amount of implanted material.
  • Approximately 50% lighter than PerFix™ Plug.


  • Dynamic design conforms to defect.
  • Inner petals and onlay patch can be trimmed, customizing to patient.
  • Tension-free repair achieved with Classic or Modified Techniques.


  • Same design as clinically-proven PerFix™ Plug, which has been used in over 5 million implants worldwide.1
  • Proven design

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  1. Millikan KW, Doolas A. A Long-Term Evaluation of the Modified Mesh-Plug Hernioplasty in Over 2,000 Patients. Hernia. 2008 June; 12(3): 257-260.


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