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Lab Automation

Experience the future of lab automation today

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BD Kiestra™ lab automation solutions offer standardised and scalable automated solutions for inoculation, incubation, plate imaging, culture reading and result reporting. BD Kiestra solutions can help position microbiology laboratories to achieve more accurate, timely and cost-effective testing.1, 2, 3

BD Kiestra solutions can expand your laboratory's capabilities and help you enhance laboratory operations, maximise financial efficiencies and advance laboratory operations. With automation, you may be able to improve laboratory productivity by improving your lab's efficiency and turn around time1, increase your testing volume and achieve staff efficiency by reducing rework.1,2

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  • kiestra-reada_RC_202847929.jpg

    BD Kiestra™ ReadA

    Intelligent incubation and imaging system. Standardise incubation, imaging and results interpretation.

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  • kiestra-tla_RC__LA_0616-0014.jpg

    BD Kiestra™ Total Lab Automation (TLA) System

    Scalable solution to help you enhance and advance laboratory operations.

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  • keistra-uca_RC_203459778.jpg

    BD Kiestra™ Urine Culture Application

    An application developed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables high resolution and standardised plate imaging to deliver laboratory efficiencies and advanced image analysis.

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  • kiestra-wcads_RC_LA_0616-0021.jpg

    BD Kiestra™ Work Cell Automation (WCA) System

    A modular, automated solution designed for microbiology laboratories of all sizes.

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  • kiestra-inoqula_RC_203617122_thumb.jpg


    BD Kiestra™ InoqulA
    sample processor

    The specimen processor automates the processing of both liquid and non-liquid sample types.

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  • kiestra-identifA_RC_203474962-v2.jpg


    BD Kiestra™ IdentifA

    Automated colony picking and MALDI target spotting

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  1. Burns J. Combining lean with lab automation to get impressive results. Dark Rep. 2015;22(10):10-15.
  2. Page N. Transforming a Canadian microbiology laboratory: laboratory automation and lean processes reduce errors, improve standardization and result quality while improving productivity. BMJ Qual Saf. 2015;24(11):718-740.
  3. Croxatto A et al. Comparison of inoculation with the InoqulA and WASP automated systems with manual inoculation. J Clin Microbiol. 2016;53(7):2298-2307.