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SourceCap™ Bioabsorbable Endcaps

An advanced approach to performing seed implants.

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Prostate SourceCap

The key to delivering quality prostate brachytherapy is placing the sources where you need them and keeping them there. The SourceCap™ Bioabsorbable Endcaps can be utilized with either BrachySource™ Iodine, and can be used with your exisiting applicators or be custom loaded in needles.


Features and Benefits

Material and Structure

Manufactured using bioabsorbable 70:30 poly (L-lactide-co-D, L-lactide) material (same as SourceLink™ System). The SourceCap™ Endcap material remains structurally intact, eliminating extra spacing for 170 days allowing most of the dose to be delivered to the gland with the sources still in place.


  • 0.5 cm overall length to allow 1.0 cm standard and 0.5 cm seed-seed spacing
  • Increased overall diameter and surface area to better “grip” tissue within the needle track
  • Seeds with SourceCap™ Endcaps can be delivered with existing applicator equipment or in preloaded needle configurations
  • The SourceCap™ Endcap material has no impact on the seed dosimetry

Increased Resistance

The unique geometry of the SourceCap™ Endcaps creates increased resistance to motion — resulting in increased fixity at and following placement



Please consult product labels and inserts for indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions and directions for use.