BD Introduces New 6mm Pen Needle for Injection Pens

BD Ultra-Fine Micro 6mm Pen Needles Now Available

Sep 19, 2017

FRANLIN LAKES, N.J., Sept. 19, 2017 – BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX), a leading global medical technology company, today announced the introduction of the BD Ultra-Fine™ micro pen needle 6mm x 32G for use with leading pen injection devices, that is set for distribution starting September 2017.

With this launch, BD is providing health care practitioners with an additional needle length option manufactured with BD quality and reliability to provide a wider variety of needle lengths for people with diabetes who inject insulin. The introduction of the new pen needle rounds out the BD Ultra-Fine™ pen needle portfolio, which now includes 4mm x 32G, 5mm x 31G, 6mm x 32G, 8mm x 31G and 12.7mm x 29G. BD Ultra-Fine micro 6mm pen needles are covered at the preferred co-pay by most insurance plans including Medicare part D and are compatible with leading pen injection devices.1

“We added the BD Ultra-Fine micro pen needles to ensure BD has a comprehensive portfolio that provide options to patients and reinforces BD's commitment to providing the best solutions possible for people with specific preferences while managing their diabetes and striving for the best clinical outcomes," said Nabil Shabshab, worldwide president of Diabetes Care and Digital Health for BD. "This new needle will help ensure that people with diabetes who prefer a 6mm pen needle will be able to experience the quality and performance of BD Ultra-Fine pen needles.”

People with diabetes typically inject insulin one or more times per day into the subcutaneous fat of their abdomen, thigh, upper arm or buttocks. With shorter needles, including BD Ultra-Fine™ micro pen needles, people with diabetes are less likely to accidentally inject their insulin dose into a muscle.2

The BD Ultra-Fine pen needles are designed for a comfortable injection experience, supporting customer satisfaction and loyalty. This includes electro-polished, surgical grade needles designed for smoothness and proprietary micro-bonded needle lubrication for less friction.* All BD Ultra-Fine pen needles are designed to deliver a full accurate dose.*

BD will continue to reinforce best practices, including “shifting to the shortest” available pen needle length. The recent insulin delivery recommendations published in the September 2016 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicate that patients should use the shortest available pen needle, which is 4mm.1,3 BD is committed to promoting better injection technique through BD’s comprehensive educational content.

To review the entire portfolio of BD Ultra-Fine pen needles please visit (, and for more information on the insulin delivery recommendations published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, visit

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*BD pen needles are designed and manufactured to high quality standards. They are rigorously tested to ensure performance Requirements. ISO standard 11608-2 has stringent requirements on needle lubrication, fine needle point assembly and disassembly torque, dose accuracy testing, needle-to hub engagement and needle length.

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