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Surgical Solutions & Products

We offer a full portfolio of surgical products

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We aim to increase physician satisfaction and to assist hospitals and surgery centers to improve outcomes and lower costs - with a product portfolio that aligns with the patient's needs.

Patient Preoperative Prep & Skin Antiseptics

As pioneers in skin antiseptics, we’ve gone beyond what is required to do what is right by elevating the standard in preoperative skin antisepsis. BD ChloraPrep™ with Sterile Solution contains the same CHG/IPA antiseptic solution trusted by hospitals for over 18 years and now offers the lowest risk of intrinsic contamination available in the US. And now, BD is proud to offer the first and only portfolio of fully sterile preoperative skin prep applicator products with the addition of BD PurPrep™ with Sterile Solution – a PVP-I/IPA antiseptic solution that is an effective alternative when CHG/IPA is not ideal.

BioSurgery Hemostats & Sealants

A unique family of sealing and hemostatic solutions designed to meet your surgical needs.

BD provides sealants and hemostatic products that assist surgeons across a broad range of surgical specialties

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Hernia Repair and Fixation

BD offers a full portfolio of hernia repair mesh, biologic implants and fixation systems. These offerings complement innovative techniques for a wide range of hernia procedures.

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Patient Preoperative Prep Related Products
  • ChloraPrep 26ML

    Chloraprep patient preoperative skin preparation products

    BD ChloraPrep™ patient preoperative skin preparation helps reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause infection.

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  • purprep-26-mL-960120_rc0_203121683_card

    BD PurPrepTM Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation with Sterile Solution 

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  • surgiphor.jpg

    BD Surgiphor™ Sterile Wound Irrigation System

    BD Surgiphor Sterile Wound Irrigation System is a terminally sterile, pre-mixed, ready-to-use aqueous lavage solution used to mechanically loosen and remove debris from all wound types.

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  • hair-removal.jpg

    Preprocedure hair removal

    Our Surgical Clippers clip hair quickly and the ClipVac™ system removes the hair as you clip, eliminating the need for extra clean-up.

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  • E-Z-Scrub-Preoperative-Surgical-Scrub-Brushes_RC_no-id

    BD E-Z Scrub™ preoperative surgical scrub brushes

    Our waterless and water-aided surgical hand scrubs provide alcohol-based antiseptics for cleaning hands before surgery.

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  • iv-care-and-maintenance.jpg

    IV care and maintenance

    BD products for IV care and maintenance help prevent catheter dislodgement and site contamination.

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  • browse-infection-prevention.jpg

    Browse all infection prevention products

    You can view all of our infection prevention products, and search by different selections and criteria.

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  • hemostats.jpg


    BD hemostats come in various forms that all help accelerate natural clot formation in many surgical applications. They facilitate use with features such as preloaded applicators and ready-to-use designs.

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  • sealants.jpg


    BD sealants are designed to meet the needs of clinicians in thoracic and aortic surgery.

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Hernia Repair and Fixation Related Products
  • hernia-repair-mesh.jpg

    Hernia repair mesh

    BD offers bioresorbable and permanent mesh solutions for ventral, inguinal, and hiatal hernia repairs.

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  • PF10173_EN-US.jpg

    Fixation systems

    BD’s preloaded fixation systems are uniquely designed for mesh fixation during open or minimally invasive procedures.

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  1. Please consult package insert for more detailed safety information and instructions for use. BD-18940
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