Tools and Training

Tools & Training
BD COVID-19 response — manual inventory allocation

BD recognizes the essential role our critical medical devices play in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. We have ramped up production and continue to meet current demand for the vast majority of our products. However, we are seeing high demand in select product categories because of a prolonged flu season and the coronavirus pandemic.

Product Manual Inventory Allocation
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Tools & Training
Infection Control

The novel coronavirus pandemic is putting our healthcare system under incredible strain and demonstrates just how vulnerable the world’s population is to infectious disease outbreaks. Minimizing risk of community and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) to patients and staff remains an urgent need.

Infection Control Training
Drug Delivery Systems
Tools & Training
Drug Delivery Systems

Our ready-to-administer drug delivery systems, including prefillable syringes, self-injection systems, and safety and shielding devices, help ensure smooth delivery, regardless of drug complexity, viscosity and dosing volume.

Drug Delivery Systems
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