Connected Medication Management

Connect critical components of your medication management practice to keep your teams aligned and focused on outstanding patient care.

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Connected Medication Management
Connect with your EMR for comprehensive visibility

The EMR cannot address all the logistics, physical inventory and care delivery that span your  medication management process. Our Connected Medication Management solution – powered by BD HealthSight™ – is designed to help you focus on improving clinical care and operational efficiency while reducing IT requirements – across the entire care continuum.



Key issue
Managing costs without sacrificing patient care

Learn how to manage medication inventory and  reduce medication errors across healthcare systems with BD Connected Medication Management solutions. 

Industry-leading solutions with the flexibility and consistency you require
Industry-leading solutions with the flexibility and consistency you require

Now more than ever, you need a vendor partner like BD to help address your evolving business needs. BD prides itself on being a reliable partner that brings value through every stage of the partnership. As an industry leader and Best in KLAS for Automated Dispensing Cabinets, we’re excited about what that means for your organization.

BD works alongside customers to understand their needs and identify solutions that will simplify processes, enable better patient care and help improve the bottom line.

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How does BD deliver on a reliable partnership?

A reliable partnership means delivering value way beyond the sale — offering services and support through every stage of the customer journey. Our customers see the value of partnering with us because of our ability to provide:

Scale and reach

Sourced materials, manufactured and delivered our products to our customers when they are needed

Accountability and consistency

Remained accountable and consistently delivered in our financial planning and performance ​

Investments in what matters

Furthered our investments in what matters to our customers and strengthened our supply chain

Reduced complexity, improved support

Dedicated to reducing complexity and improving business transactions with customers

Flex to changing needs

Helps inform more efficient workflow processes while supporting your long-term goals


Supporting patient-centered care

Connected Medication Management enables a consistent approach to medication management across your organization to help keep teams aligned and focused on what matters most—patient care. 

Standardize and simplify your medication management process

Your medication management solution should be a reliable source for the information and medications needed as patient conditions evolve. Our solutions standardize and simplify your medication management process, reducing the risk for error and inefficiency. BD connected technologies work together with your EMR to provide added safety for your patients and confidence for your clinicians.

Beyond the EHR:  Best Practices in Enterprise Medication Management

Streamline operations with actionable insights

Delivering industry-leading patient care doesn’t need to strain financial resources and put undue pressure on your staff. Connected Medication Management brings together disparate systems so you can achieve a consistent view across your sites of care. You can free your staff to get back to working at the top of their licenses, allowing them to focus on what matters most—delivering outstanding patient care.

Increased connectivity means bigger gains in process efficiencies

Unite disparate systems and gain visibility

When your data is scattered, your operations can be too. Connected Medication Management leverages your EMR to create a comprehensive view of inventory on hand. That means managing fewer databases and gaining visibility so you can make valuable impacts on workflows across your organization and minimize medication diversion and adverse drug events. By having connected systems and bidirectional data exchange, predictive analytics can inform critical decision-making about care needs, help control carrying costs and avoid wasted inventory.

Webinar: From big data to results: Accelerating and sustaining medication inventory optimization

Leveraging IT investments with BD Connected Medication Management Solutions

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How can BD help your organization?​

Get connected
Promote standardization across your medication practices and remove variables that impact patient care. ​
Improve alignment
Keep patient care and pharmacy operations in sync to ensure the right medications are available when and where they’re needed. ​
Stay informed

Empower clinical decision-making through advanced analytics and insights that help prioritize critical patient care decisions and automate processes to reduce errors.

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