Targeted Temperature Management

For those committed to providing every appropriate patient the intervention they deserve.


Intervention they deserve 

What is TTM? 

Targeted temperature management (TTM) is a precise, effective strategy to actively monitor and control temperature and therefore mitigate potential uncontrollable rises in temperature.

TTM has been investigated experimentally and used clinically for over 100 years. Today, TTM is used in critically ill patients in which uncontrolled temperature has deleterious effects and requires precise control.

Standardized, protocol driven implementation programs are needed to deliver TTM to the highest percentage of eligible patients. For certain conditions, TTM is now the standard of care as recognized by various accreditation bodies, associations and societies. 1

What makes it Advanced Targeted Temperature Management (ATTM)?

  • Advanced, high-quality TTM technology is needed, with precision and fast initiation for critically ill patients. 2
  • Is an effective strategy with active temperature surveillance and automatic temperature control activation when clinical conditions change. 2
  • Offers tight temperature control within +-0.2 of a degree Celsius (32.0-38.0ºC). The Arctic Sun™ Analytics subscription provides actionable data insights to measure practice compliance rates and process improvement for TTM programs.


Simulated ATTM in Augmented Reality



Only 28% of eligible patients received TTM.³*

*Out of 7800 eligible patients Texas Cares Registry, April 2022 

Temperature is at the very core of the body’s ability to function—and fast, precise action with targeted temperature management (TTM) can be an important intervention for some critically ill patients. With one chance to determine eligibility and begin therapy, how can you ensure you're doing everything you can for these patients?

Our Solution

Committed to providing every eligible patient the intervention they deserve.


A successful TTM program requires more than technology.

The BD™ TTM Solution offers a comprehensive and connected Advanced Targeted Temperature Management solution for healthcare providers and institutions who seek to advance quality of care and optimize their staff efficiency.

  • improved efficiency through connectivity
  • flexibility in initiating and discontinuing therapy
  • patient temperature surveillance


The BD™ TTM Solution demonstrates clinical effectiveness and benchmarks therapy goals to provide clinicians with an easy-to-implement 3-button initiation, non-invasive system to aid protocol compliance to maintain standardization, along with aiding in early initiation and precise temperature control.

Works with you to provide data to reduce variability and ensure therapy compliance.

I'd like to know more

At BD, we're committed to partnering with you to help solve your TTM challenges.

Our Promise 

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    To improve care of critically ill (ICU) patients with increased adoption and access to advanced targeted temperature management (ATTM). 


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    Delivers active ATTM therapy with real-time monitoring of therapy. 

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    Provides actionable data insights for quality assurance and process improvements.

BD™ TTM Solution 

    Performance measured and reported back

    Hear about analyzing temperature data.
    To make sure we are having a positive impact on peoples lives.

    We're going to have a huge rich data set from this.

    Dr. David Greer, Professor and Chairman of Neurology at Boston Medical Center and Boston

    University School of Medicine

    *Arctic SunTM Analytics requires a paid subscription

    Actionable insights to validate decisions with accessible data.

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    2. Taccone, F.S., Picetti, E. & Vincent, JL. High Quality Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) After Cardiac Arrest. Crit Care 24, 6 (2020).
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    At BD, we're committed to partnering with you to help solve your TTM challenges.