BD Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Specialized product design and concepts, and private-labeled custom kits based on agreed upon specifications.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Meeting demand all over the world

Contract Manufacturing

Supplement your strengths with a uniquely broad offering

BD OEM Contract Manufacturing contracts with global medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to deliver world-class infusion solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality IV products for multiple applications, under the customer's 510(k). To manufacture these products, we rely on a fully integrated production cycle including tubing extrusion, injection molding, highly automated assembly, packaging and sterilization.

Why contract with BD for manufacturing?

As a global company, BD is in the position to empower your company with large-scale facilities and far-reaching competencies.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing

    In our fully equipped manufacturing facility, we attentively build your sets with either your components or ours, or with a combination of both. Following assembly, we sterilize your sets, and then package them with your private label—for the most professional results.

  • Commercial and technical collaboration
    We work closely with you to meet your pricing, capacity and timeline requirements to ensure your product goes to market when you need it to.
  • Unmatched reputation
    We can cobrand your private label with the BD brand to further the distinction of your products with our longstanding reputation in the marketplace.
Private Label and Custom Kit Development

Customize your kits right down to the label

We provide privately-labeled products and/or custom kits for our customers based on agreed-upon specifications. The resulting products are unique and are tailored to your company and your customers' needs.

Why choose private-label custom kits from BD?

BD offers a wide range of IV and infection prevention products that we can use to customize your company's kit, while working with you to ensure we get it right for your customers' procedures.

  • Broad portfolio

    We can customize your kits for any procedure requiring IV infusion, with IV start kits, dressing change kits and minor-procedure packs. We can also pull from our extensive portfolio of extension sets, needle-free connectors and IV catheters.

  • Turn-key solutions

    We work closely with you to develop kits to meet your customers’ SOPs using state of-the-art components and products.

  • Competitive edge
    We uniquely offer competitive pricing, prompt turnaround times and exclusivity to certain BD-qualified products.

Vascular Access

  • IV gravity and secondary sets

    Our full line of IV tubing solutions conveniently lets you customize the set-up of your IV tubing.

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  • Vascular access devices

    Our expanded portfolio of industry leading vascular access devices spans the vascular access continuum.

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  • IV Care and Maintenance

    Our IV accessories portfolio includes blunt fill and filter needles to help meet diverse clinical needs.

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IV Administration Sets
  • IV extension sets

    Our extension sets come in a variety of options with innovative features to help meet diverse clinical IV needs.

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  • Gravity administration sets

    Our full line of IV tubing solutions conveniently lets you customize the set-up of your IV tubing.

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Safety Products
  • Hazardous drug safety

    Our portfolio offers an array of solutions to help protect healthcare workers from exposure during the preparation and administration of hazardous drugs.

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