BD Procurement Development Program

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Program overview

The mission of the Procurement Development Program (PDP) is to enhance our procurement leadership base by recruiting entry-level associates who strive to become procurement leaders. Since 2006, we have sought to develop PDP associates who want a career in procurement and who demonstrate the potential for growth and leadership in other supply chain and operations areas.

Program features

The PDP consists of three rotations. It is structured to advance proficiency in procurement competencies that are common across the range of procurement roles. Individual development program experiences are designed to foster growth and development in these key procurement competencies, providing a springboard for a career in procurement.

First rotation: Sourcing exposure

Associates become familiar with essential sourcing and procurement processes through the application of SAP and associated workflows. They are given specific, team-based and analytical assignments that can drive process and program improvements.

Second rotation: Additional procurement experience

Associates may join a commodity team and develop a deeper understanding of the procurement process and key supplier-facing activities, or build a platform of transactional experience through transactional buying and develop an appreciation for what it takes to move goods and services into BD.

Third rotation: Project team member

Associates move to a different commodity or process team and assume responsibility for a specific area of spend to manage via procurement, or lead a key process implementation. They utilize skills and knowledge developed early on, and continue to build a capability in procurement.

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