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Health Equity Drives our Global Public Health Commitments

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Our Global Public Health team collaborates with and empowers our government, community health, industry, and development partners, in underserved communities around the world, with meaningful tools, programs, and expertise to strengthen health systems, expand healthcare access and drive improved, equitable health outcomes for all. 

Health equity drives our Global Public Health commitments

We know that health inequities contribute to global disease burden: they disproportionately impact marginalized or underrepresented populations and hold back economies and businesses from achieving growth. We believe that med-tech innovation is of no use if it does not reach the patients who need it.

That’s why, at BD, we believe that we have an opportunity to improve health equity beyond developing leading healthcare technologies that solve healthcare’s greatest challenges. We can help ensure that our innovations are available to all people, regardless of geography, demographics, ethnicity, education, gender or socioeconomic status, as we help advance a healthier world for all. 

How we drive sustained Global Public Health impact:

We collaborate with humanitarian organizations, governments and ministries of health to ensure the healthcare innovations and global public health programs we develop are equitable and accessible to all, regardless of geography, demographics or socioeconomic status.

We leverage BD’s global reach and diverse expertise in areas ranging from supply chain management and program implementation to health economics outcomes reporting and medical affairs, to help our partners solve their most pressing public health challenges.

 We advocate for and train healthcare workers to address the most pressing healthcare needs their communities face, while empowering them to educate their communities about how to be active partners in driving improved health outcomes.

We create flexible, scalable programs, fueled by time-tested best practices, that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of local communities.

Our Global Public Health Priorities

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