Microsoft Silverlight End-of-Support


Microsoft has announced the end of support for Silverlight effective October 12, 2021. As a result, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates/patches for this service after that date.

Mitigations & Compensating Controls

The list below identifies impacted BD applications and availability of updated version with Silverlight removed. The list provided below is not comprehensive and may be updated as more applications are identified.

BD Applications

Update Availability

Updated Version

BD Care Coordination Engine (CCE) – BD Pyxis (see below for specific BD Pyxis products)

Now available


BD Care Coordination Engine (CCE) – All Other

January 2022


Restock Order – BD Pyxis

Now available


Note: This version is compatible with both CCE 1.6 and CCE 1.7.x

Pyxis Connect

March 2022


Updated versions of Care Coordination Engine (CCE) and Restock Order (Pyxis only) are available at your next scheduled BD product upgrade. If not yet scheduled, please contact your BD account representative. For Pyxis Connect, please contact your Pyxis Account Representative.

The following is a list of products that use Care Coordination Engine (CCE) and Restock Order (Pyxis only). These products themselves do not contain Silverlight, it is solely meant to provide insight to customers as to whether they have CCE or Restock Order.

  • BD Alaris™
  • BD Arctic Sun™ Stat  TTM
  • BD HealthSight™
  • BD Pyxis™ PARx™
  • BD Pyxis™ CIISafe and CIISafe ES
  • BD Pyxis™ Enterprise Server
  • BD Pyxis™ IV Prep/BD Cato™
  • BD Pyxis™ Logistics
  • BD Pyxis™ MedStation 4000
  • BD Pyxis™ SupplyStation*
  • BD Pyxis™ Procedure Station™ system with Tissue and Implant module
  • BD Rowa™ VMax
  • BD Synapsys™
  • BD Sensica™ Urine Output
  • BD Site-Rite™ Ultrasound Guidance

*Leverages Restock Order


BD is currently updating and removing Silverlight in existing products.

Additional Resources

For product- or site-specific concerns, contact your BD service representative. If you believe a BD device on your network has been impacted by this third-party vulnerability, disconnect the device from the network and contact your BD service representative immediately.

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