Supplier Quality



At BD, we partner with suppliers who provide goods and services to manufacture our products to serve our customers around the world. The Quality of these goods and services is critical to meeting our design specifications and product performance expectations. That is why BD utilizes an active approach to managing quality with our suppliers.

Aligned with our BD Values, "We will consistently provide superior products and services in pursuit of our purpose of advancing the world of health,” Supplier Quality is responsible for establishing and implementing global processes and essential tools to enable effective supplier qualification, performance management, and development through partnership with suppliers and key functional groups.

Suppliers that provide materials, products, and quality-impacting services to BD must have an effective quality management system that complies with the requirements of applicable notified bodies and regulatory agencies such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA/MDSAP. BD has a risk-based approach to determining which suppliers in its supply base require an audit, survey, or evaluation. The supplier audit process reviews the supplier’s quality management system and compliance to the supplier’s processes and procedures. The supplier will also adhere to BD specifications, supply agreements, quality agreements, purchase orders, and other contractual obligations.

BD suppliers are required to communicate changes that potentially impact BD products or services via the BD Supplier Change Request (SCR) Portal: BD suppliers are required to notify and receive written approval from BD prior to making any changes to the design, specification, or manufacture of products purchased from the supplier. This process ensures BD products maintain its high-quality standards.