Supply Chain Resiliency



Advancing the world of health requires end-to-end supply chain resiliency. In order to deliver our commitments to healthcare BD continuously scans, monitors, assesses, and mitigates supply risk across several factors, and is dependent on supplier engagement and partnership to enable supply chain visibility and risk mitigation. In particular, critical enablers and supplier deliverables include:

  • Supplier quality and delivery expectations met
  • Deliver on supplier material compliance assessments
  • Business continuity plans in place
  • Financial health assessments supported
  • Cybersecurity risk assessments, remediation and regulatory compliance
  • Supplier responsible sourcing assessments


BD expects suppliers to perform similar due diligence and assurance of supply with their supply chain, and assess, mitigate, and monitor their sub-supply base (Tier N supplier risk reduction) to ensure end-to-end supply chain resiliency. As new risks emerge, BD will look to further partner with suppliers in delivering visibility, assurance, and a resilient supply chain capable of advancing the world of health.


For Supplier Risk and Resiliency requirements questions, or for confirmation on the BD approved Supplier Risk and Resiliency program vendors or requirements, please contact

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