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Finding and Addressing the Gaps in the IV Medication Management Process with ISMP’s Director of Consulting Services, Michelle Mandrack, MSN, RN

ms Sep 30, 2019

Learn some of the top insights shared by ISMP’s Director of Consulting Services in a recent CE course sponsored by BD. Michelle Mandrack, MSN, RN identifies common unsafe practices and at-risk behaviors associated with the preparation and administration of sterile medications that contribute to patient harm.

Transforming Antimicrobial Stewardship: The role of emerging technology

ms Sep 9, 2019

Pathogenic microorganisms can adapt to the treatments used against them, rendering many antimicrobial medications ineffective. Learn how antimicrobial stewardship programs have the potential to impact infectious disease outcomes when supported by new technologies.

How Creative Problem-Solving Tactics Become Nursing Innovations

cl ms Aug 5, 2019

Kelly Robke discusses highlights of a recent HIMSS panel on nursing practice, in which nurse leaders shared ideas to cultivate and support nursing innovation.

Urgent and labor-intensive: How inadequate drug shortage management tools impact hospital-system pharmacies

cl Jun 24, 2019

Managing drug shortages is often an urgent and labor-intensive process for pharmacists. Discover how inadequate management tools contribute to what has become a chronic problem in the US, generating excess costs for healthcare.

Drug diversion: Getting to root cause

di Jun 10, 2019

Challenged with investigating suspected diversion cases early in her career, BD thought leader Doina Dumitru developed a unique perspective on how to prevent these tragic events from happening in the first place. Learn why we need to get to root cause to address diversion.

A call to action on hospital drug diversion

di Jun 4, 2019

Because hospital drug diversion has been understudied, the BD Institute for Medication Management Excellence commissioned a new national survey of more than 650 hospital executives and providers to better understand diversion perceptions, behaviors and solutions.

Immunizations at risk: Understanding disruptions in the cold chain

ms May 20, 2019

Vaccine-related supply chain and logistics are crucial to effective immunization programs. While their significance is often overlooked, disruptions within the cold chain can put patients at risk.

Inspiring excellence: Winners of the 2019 ANA Innovation Awards

cl May 6, 2019

Winners of the first inaugural ANA Innovation Awards have been announced. Learn about the individual nurse and nurse-led team winners and their inspiring new ideas.

Cybersecurity and patient safety: Developing a culture of transparency among healthcare industry stakeholders

io Apr 29, 2019

A fast-growing group of healthcare industry associations are working with the US government to promote information-sharing in cybersecurity and address the unique risks that come with patient interaction. Read about the newly-formed Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) and the task-force that developed a Joint Security Plan to help medical device companies achieve transparency.

Where’s my med? The challenges of patient-specific medication management

ms Apr 22, 2019

Tracking down patient-specific meds can be a significant challenge for nursing and pharmacy alike. BD thought leaders from both departments explore simple and intuitive solutions that may help to improve the problem.

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