DCH Health System case study

Learn how MedMined Surveillance Advisor helps improve outcomes and reduce costs


DCH Health System in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


DCH Health System wanted to identify and track healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) to improve patient safety and reduce costs.


DCH installed MedMined Surveillance Advisor to identify and track HAIs facility-wide and monitor medication stewardship. These measures can improve patient safety, prevent infections and reduce costs throughout all treatment areas.


Over three years, MedMined Surveillance Advisor enabled DCH to improve its Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM) rates system-wide. In effect, the solution helped the hospital protect 418 patients, save $3.2 million and avoid 3,584 patient days, totaling $3,224,562 in potential cost avoidance.

The hospital reduced the NIM rates for:

  • Urine by 14%
  • Blood by 13%
  • Wound by 9%
  • Stool by 4%
  • Respiratory by 22%
Three-year DCH outcomes      
12 months ending June 30, 2013 Patients protected Potential LOS avoided Potential cost avoided
2011 165 1,425 $1,305,819
2012 130 1,109 $1,092,891
2013 123 1,050 $825,851
Total 418 3,584 $3,224,562

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"MedMined Surveillance Advisor helped change the way we engage employees, from administrators to the bedside. I cannot imagine going back and not having the tool."

Beth Goodall

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