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It's true: Significant advances have been made in infection risk mitigation technologies. But reducing the risk of preventable HAIs can't be done through a single protocol or product. Real progress demands more. It requires a more integrated, holistic approach that spans across different sites, departments, clinicians and steps along the care continuum.

That's where BD comes in – offering recommendations and products designed to empower your institution to drive clinical efficiencies at each step of the risk mitigation journey.

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    Our collaborative, customized approach

    Successful risk mitigation efforts are rarely one-size-fits-all. BD works collaboratively with you to create a tailored approach to your system’s unique needs, opportunities and goals.

    We start by working collaboratively with your team to uncover unique areas of opportunity and define risk mitigation goals. Our coordinated assessment approach is then tailored to best address identified needs.

    Using proprietary tools and proven methodologies, clinically trained professionals may conduct a variety of assessment tactics on BD products and clinical practices. These may include supporting data analysis, chart abstraction, bedside observations, clinical interviews and staged assessments.

    Assessment data is comprehensively analyzed, comparing policy, practice and product utilization to best-practice standards and guidelines.

    Detailed, customized recommendations of BD products and services provide an actionable road map to support standardization and alignment with clinical best practices, industry guidelines and your own initiatives and goals.

    Clinical specialists provide evidence-based BD product training and education designed to advance clinical skills and knowledge, standardize practice techniques across care settings and reinforce compliance with standards and guidelines.

    Ongoing support is provided through activities such as action plan implementation, establishing metrics for progress evaluation, measuring and reporting performance and competency checks.

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