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BD Accuri™

The BD Accuri brand brings flow cytometry within reach.

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BD Alaris™

Our BD Alaris brand includes systems, devices, interoperability and IV therapy that help cost-effectively deliver infusions.

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BD AutoShield Duo™

The BD AutoShield Duo pen needle is a 5-mm pen needle that enables a wide variety of clinical and patient benefits in insulin injection.

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The BD FACS brand includes research and clinical systems that stand for quality, relentless innovation, and tireless dedication to...

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BD HealthSight™

Our combination of connective technologies, analytics and expert services close gaps and create seamless visibility across BD...

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BD Horizon™

The BD Horizon and BD Horizon Brilliant™ brands include high-quality fluorescent-conjugated reagents to help build your multicolor...

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BD LSRFortessa™

The BD LSRFortessa brand provides flow cytometry in a compact footprint, with innovative fluidics and optics.

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The BD MAX system helps redefine staff productivity with a fully integrated, automated molecular platform capable of running both...

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BD Nano™

The BD Nano 4mm pen needle features two technologies that optimize the insulin injection experience.

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BD Neopak™

Our Neopak brand supports chronic disease treatment drug delivery.

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BD Nexiva™

The BD Nexiva closed IV catheter system is an all-in-one closed system IV catheter designed to last throughout the treatment process.

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BD PhaSeal™

The BD PhaSeal drug vial access device affixes to, and establishes and maintains neutral pressure in a drug vial.

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BD Phoenix™

The BD Phoenix M50 instrument offers a modular and flexible solution for laboratories of all sizes, combined with the BD Phoenix AP...

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BD PosiFlush™

Our BD PosiFlush brand includes a product line that supports vascular care and maintanence best practices.

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BD Pyxis™

Our innovative BD Pyxis solutions help enable comprehensive and efficient medication and inventory management on an integrated platform.

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BD Q-Syte™

The BD Q-Syte luer activated split septum provides closed IV access.

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BD Recykleen™

The BD Recykleen sharps collector line is made with a variety of recycled materials and different lid types.

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BD Rhapsody™

Determine the expression profile of hundreds to tens of thousands of single cells with a system designed for efficiency and lower...

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BD Saf-T-Intima™

The BD Saf-T-Intima closed IV catheter system incorporates preattached extension tubing to help support reduction in blood exposure.

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BD SurePath™

Our BD SurePath brand defines a liquid-based Pap test that improves disease detection.

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