BD FocalPoint Imaging System
BD FocalPoint Imaging System

BD FocalPoint GS imaging system

The BD FocalPoint GS imaging system helps more accurately and efficiently screen BD SurePath Pap test slides and conventional Pap test slides.

Advanced algorithms

The BD FocalPoint GS imaging system uses algorithms to determine potential abnormalities and rank slides accordingly.1

Cancer detection

The system assists laboratory staff to better triage slides for further screening, increasing cancer detection and reducing the ASCUS rate.3

Improved efficiency

The system focuses attention on the slides most likely to contain abnormalities, improving screening efficiency.2

Directed QC technology

The technology enables you to select slides with the highest likelihood of abnormality for full slide review, improving the QC process and reducing the risk of missed disease.1

BD FocalPoint slide profiler

The option to eliminate reviewing up to 25% of the lowest-risk slides allows the cytologist to focus on the highest-risk slides.1

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