Non-gyn cytology

BD non-gyn cytology products provide standardized collection with flexible processing solutions for all of your non-gynecologic cytology needs. By consistently providing high slide quality, our products continuously give you a higher degree of confidence.

BD CytoRich<sup>™</sup> fixatives

BD CytoRich fixatives

BD CytoRich non-gyn fixatives provide standardized yet flexible solutions for all of your non-gyn cytology needs.

BD CytoRich<sup>™</sup> clear collection vial

BD CytoRich clear collection vial

BD CytoRich™ clear collection vial allows laboratories to process their non-gyn cytology samples.

BD Totalys<sup>™</sup> SlidePrep

BD Totalys SlidePrep

The BD Totalys SlidePrep prepares and stains non-gyn slides.