BD CytoRich clear collection vial

BD Cytorich Clear Collection Vial
BD Cytorich Clear Collection Vial
BD Cytorich Clear Collection
BD Cytorich Clear Stain Kit
BD SlidePrep

The BD CytoRich clear collection vial allows laboratories to process their non-gyn cytology samples using the same cell enrichment process used with the BD SurePath Liquid-based Pap test. This unique cell enrichment process removes non-diagnostic components from specimens, minimizing unsatisfactory test results.1, 2


Accommodates small samples as well as larger samples after a centrifugation step3.


2D barcode for chain of custody when full automation is used4


BD CytoRich™ Clear preservative is available in a 10mL vial.


Uses same processing protocol as cervical samples, reducing the need for additional staff training3.

Ideal for small samples

Sample types such as fine needle aspiration (FNA) that can be rinsed directly into the vial, as well as oral and anal brushings, in which brush heads can simply be detached right into the vial.

Accommodates large samples

Large sample types (fresh or pre-fixed) such as urine, body cavity fluids, washings and sputum; however, these sample types require an initial centrifugation step followed by a transfer of the cell pellet to the vial.

Clear label for differentiation

Immediate differentiation from cervical samples and clearer sample visualization inside the vial.

Collection Vial
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