Diagnostic and procedure trays

Find support for a wide range of procedures

BD offers convenient trays with configurations for lumbar puncture, OB/GYN, myelogram, arthrogram, soft tissue and bone marrow biopsy, and other procedures. We also support with helpful resources on our trays.

Physician information

This information supports our diagnostic Safe-T PLUS trays for physicians.


Arthrogram trays

Our arthrogram trays support double- and single-contrast arthrography procedures.


Bone marrow biopsy trays

Our bone marrow trays contain components you need to efficiently perform bone marrow biopsies.


Lumbar puncture trays

Our lumbar puncture trays, available with atraumatic needles, can reduce post-lumbar puncture headaches (PLPH).


Myelogram trays

Our myelogram trays provide components for sampling CSF and constrast media injection, including atraumatic needles that can reduce the incidence of PLPH.


OB/GYN trays

We offer Safe-T PLUS and standard trays for amniocentesis, and standard trays for circumcision and paracervical/pudendal block procedures.


Regional anesthesia trays

BD offers spinal, epidural and CSE trays with safety-engineered devices.


Soft tissue biopsy trays

Jamshidi Menghini soft tissue needles are available in convenient procedure trays.


Thoracentesis and paracentesis

We offer two innovative catheter-over-the-needle drainage devices for thoracentesis and paracentesis—a standard and an advanced system.

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