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BD Kiestra lab automation solutions provide total lab automation for the clinical microbiology lab through modularity, scalability and open architecture. They are designed to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver high quality and consistent results with improved turnaround time. Building on our experience and expertise developed over many years, BD is committed to becoming your transformation partner and delivering the right automated solution for your lab.

Our offerings include complementary and modular microbiology workflow automation solutions, ranging from small benchtop units to fully automated track-based automation systems for mid- and high-volume labs. Because BD Kiestra total lab automation solutions are customizable and forward compatible, we are able to tailor the system according to your needs—taking into account your lab's space, specimen volumes, workflow and future ambitions.

BD Kiestra InoqulA+ specimen processor

The BD Kiestra InoqulA+ specimen processor automates the processing of both liquid and nonliquid bacteriology specimens.

BD Kiestra TLA system

The BD Kiestra Total Lab Automation (TLA) system provides microbiology lab automation with flexibility, customization and high performance.

BD Kiestra WCA system

The BD Kiestra Work Cell Automation (WCA) system automates specimen processing, plate incubation and digital imaging in a compact footprint for labs of any size.

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