BD Pyxis Barcode Labeling

Accurately label non-oral medications

The BD Pyxis Barcode Labeling system creates and prints medication barcode labels for ampoules, vials, creams, inhalers and syringes. The system enables point-of-care scanning and operation while helping meet BCMA and HIT system needs with BD Pyxis MedStation system and BD Pyxis Anesthesia system.

Improved pharmacy efficiency and medication safety

Scan and print features help customize or retrieve label Page Types and drug-specific label details from the stock package.

Safety features

The system offers Tall Man lettering and more than 10,000 drug images for labeling.

Data usage efficiency

The system includes a database containing medication records, photos, drug information and labeling activities.

Easy printing

Labels are easy to print—in color for high-risk or specialty medications—and manually apply to products.

Small and compact design

The medication barcode system conveniently fits on a table or desktop.

Printing versatility

It lets you print 2D barcodes, such as Data Matrix, Aztec and other popular linear barcodes.

Flexible reporting

The system offers flexible reporting tools, letting you generate reports with advanced data filtering.

Printer compatibililty

The drug labeling system supports all Windows® printer models.