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BD BBL prepared tubed media

BD BBL prepared tubed media enables the isolation and identification of microorganisms. Tubed media are ideal for cultures requiring prolonged incubation, since many can be incubated with tightly closed caps to prevent dehydration and subsequent inhibition of growth. Offering a wide variety of sizes, we can manufacture your individual culture medium in the size your application demands.

Eliminated contamination risk

Special long-necked, rubber-lined screw caps eliminate danger of contamination.

Moisture loss prevention

Tubes are borosilicate glass with black screw caps securely fitted to prevent loss of moisture. 

Easy inoculation

Larger-sized tubes with wider diameters permit easy inoculation and media handling.

Displacement resistance

Most tubes contain a special resilient rubber liner, which resists displacement even during autoclaving.

"A" tube size: 19.5 mm x 145 mm

The "A" tube contains solid media (e.g., BD Trypticase soy agar), with a media quantity equivalent to one plate (i.e., approximately 20 mL). This tube is also designed as a pour tube.

"K" tube size: 16.5 mm x 102 mm

The "K" tube provides the convenience of a "D" tube while saving vertical shelf space. Unless otherwise noted, slants contain approximately 4 to 5 mL, slants with butts of approximately 6 mL and broths of approximately 5 to 8 mL, depending on the formulation.

Vials for amies size: 19 mm x 53 mm

Amies transport media are filled to the cap.

Pour tube
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per shelf pack)e-catalog
220838 Brain heart infusion (BHI) agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL 10
297096 Bird seed agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL (for identification of Cryptococcus neoformans) 10
296188 Casein agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL (for casein hydrolysis) 10
297379 Corn meal agar deeps (pour tubes), 20 mL 10
297229 Corn meal agar deeps with 1% dextrose (pour tubes), 20 mL (for pigment production of dermatophytes) 10
297235 Corn meal agar deeps with polysorbate 80 (pour tube), 20 mL (for chlamydospore production) 10
297684 MacConkey II agar with sorbitol deeps (pour tube), 20 mL (for E. coli serotype O157:H7) 10
221002 Potato dextrose agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL 10
297812 Sabouraud dextrose agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL 10
221032 Standard methods agar with lecithin and polysorbate 80 deeps (pour tube), 18 mL (add to BD RODAC plates) 10
297223 Starch agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL 10
297437 TCBS agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL (for vibrio isolation) 10
297222 Tyrosine agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL 10
297224 Xanthine agar deeps (pour tube), 20 mL 10
Ampuled media
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per shelf pack)e-catalog
251810 Orange serum broth concentrate 10 mL x 100 mL, for cultivation of organisms associated with citrus spoilage 6

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