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BD Directigen immunoassay test kits

BD Directigen tests are rapid immunoassays for the direct and qualitative detection of antigens from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), serum or urine.

BD Directigen meningitis kits

Immunoassay testing kits for meningitis come standard with one 1-mL bottle of appropriate antibody plus reagents and controls.

BD Directigen H. influenza test kit
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantitye-catalog
252260 BD Directigen H. influenza test kit 90 tests
Other test kits
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantitye-catalog
255560 BD Directigen N. meningitidis group B/E. coli K1 test kit 90 tests
250160 BD Directigen N. meningitidis groups A, C, Y and W135 kit 90 tests
251960 BD Directigen S. pneumoniae test kit 90 tests
255460 BD Directigen group B strep test kit 90 tests
252480 BD Directigen meningitis combo test cards 90 tests
252360 BD Directigen meningitis combo test kit 90 tests
252350 BD Directigen meningitis negative control reagent 4 9-mL bottles
256391 BD Directigen meningitis specimen buffer 1 8-mL bottle

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