Sharps disposal

Collect sharps with confidence

BD Medical – Disposal Solutions is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of safe, effective medical sharps disposal products that minimize environmental impacts. To carry out this dedication, our BD Recykleen products are made from postindustrial and postconsumer recycled materials.

BD Recykleen sharps collectors and accessories

The BD Recykleen sharps collector line is made with a variety of recycled materials and different lid types.

Diabetes sharps disposal

BD supports the safe disposal of used household sharps.

Sharps and waste collectors

BD offers a broad selection of sharps collectors with point-of-use convenience and numerous built-in features.

Sharps collection accessories

Our sharps collection accessories include cabinets, brackets, stabilizers and locks.

Browse all sharps disposal solutions

You can view all of our sharps disposal solutions, and search by different selections and criteria.

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