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BD Synapsys™

Improving Laboratory Outcomes by Enhancing Diagnostic Informatics.

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About BD Synapsys™

BD Synapsys™ solution enables laboratories to address challenges and improve laboratory outcomes. It enables labs to maximize performance using enhanced microbiology diagnostic informatics through a single, advanced platform with an intuitive, personalized user interface. BD Synapsys™ solution offers integrated workflow and on-demand insights to empower laboratory staff to impact turnaround time, expedite decision making, improve productivity and simplify compliance.

Advanced technology

BD Synapsys™ solution is an advanced browser-based application that enables access to lab workflow and data anytime, anywhere. BD Synapsys™ solution is designed to meet cyber-security and data privacy standards. The solution architecture allows for seamless integration with different IT environments and remote connectivity to maximize uptime.

BD Synapsys™ solution leverages advanced technology to offer on-demand data insights to help improve laboratory efficiencies and enhance lab operations.


BD Synapsys™ solution provides secure, seamless access and advanced connectivity to BD Diagnostic Systems instruments.

Today, laboratories struggle with multiple middleware solutions and interfaces to support their operations. Timely access to instrument status and microbiology data for the lab is critical in order to improve laboratory productivity and efficiency.

BD Synapsys™ solution provides secure and scalable connectivity for BD BACTEC™ blood culture solution, BD Kiestra™ lab automation solution and, in the U.S., BD Veritor™ Plus point-of-care solution. BD Synapsys™ solution allows connectivity for any number of supported instruments to one or more LIS systems. Further, an unlimited number of users can access the system from anywhere at any time through an intuitive, personalized user interface.


BD Synapsys™ solution enhances laboratory workflow integration and management.

Shortages in skilled staff, combined with an increase in demand for more efficient microbiology testing, have increased pressure on labs to improve consistency and drive standardization in order to continue to meet their turnaround time and productivity metrics.

BD Synapsys™ solution offers integrated workflow across the supported instruments. Its customizable workflow rules engine enables the development of more integrated clinical and operational workflows for the laboratory. This will help streamline workflow, improve quality of decision-making, standardize results finalization and improve laboratory efficiencies.


BD Synapsys™ solution supports confident and timely decision making with on-demand actionable insights.

Having the right information available when needed empowers your staff to make confident and timely decisions that will help support quality, impact turnaround time, and improve performance. BD Synapsys™ solution provides an integrated lab dashboard for monitoring the status and workload of all connected instruments, as well as on-demand actionable insights to track key lab metrics to empower continuous improvement.

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