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BD HealthSight™ technologies enable a consistent approach to medication management across your organization to help keep teams aligned and focused on what matters most—patient care.


BD HealthSight™

BD HealthSight™ Enterprise Pharmacy Analytics Solutions help close gaps to help reduce medication errors and waste and connect disparate systems to create visibility and provide actionable insights for patient care.  

With a connected system that works with your EMR to optimize workflows and provide actionable hospital data insights, you can inform critical decision-making about care needs, helping to control carrying costs and avoid wasted inventory. 

Unlock actionable insights across your healthcare system with BD HealthSight™ pharmacy analytics solutions.

Without standardization around policies, procedures, equipment and IT systems, crucial medication workflows and clinical data become increasingly fragmented, less consistent and prone to error. Variability and disconnects across the entire spectrum of medication management are silently putting patients at risk and leaking hard dollars in the form of waste.

In order to make measurable progress toward critical system-wide initiatives like diversion management, medication inventory management, infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship, you need greater connectivity, alignment and visibility across all critical components of medication management. 

Solution overview

This video describes how the BD HealthSight™ solution creates a seamless ecosystem between our suite of medication management products and your EMR.

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BD HealthSight™ solutions help maintain focus on patient care

"With BD HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization, we can reduce the labor involved in managing inventory. We can reallocate that labor to other patient care tasks, helping to drive efficiencies so we can spend time on adding value, particularly around cost reduction strategies.” 

David Webster, RPh, MSBA, Associate Director of Pharmacy Operations, Assistant Professor of Clinical Community and Preventive Medicine, University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital

Leverage machine learning for diversion management with BD HealthSight™ solutions

“Our nurse managers are really excited about being able to more proactively identify issues and resolve them. The tool standardizes their workflow and makes complex investigations more efficient.”  

Katelyn Hipwell, PharmD, MPH, Pharmacy Clinical Operations Manager, University of Virginia Health System

Advance medication stewardship with help from BD HealthSight™ solutions

“Our facility was C. diff free in February 2019—and we have seen a 48% drop in our CDI rates year over year as a result of streamlining manual processes and working across all stakeholders in our facility to develop best practices. By leveraging BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor, Infection Advisor and clinical expertise, we have greatly enhanced our CDI stewardship program.” 

Judith Leschek, RN, BSN, CIC Director, Infection Prevention & Control, Hackensack Meridian–JFK Medical Center

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BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor and BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined™ Insights


BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor and BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined™ Insights are enterprise-wide, e-surveillance and clinical notification solutions allowing users to select the information most actionable for their healthcare site. It helps to identify patients potentially "at risk" of infection, drug interaction, and/or adverse events (unexpected medical problems that occur during treatment) through data aggregation which enables hospitals to identify, report, and reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and monitor antimicrobial resistance. It also provides notifications of change in clinical condition, reports, and analytics.

This unique combination of connective technologies, analytics and expert services that close gaps and create seamless visibility.


BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor

Help improve patient care as clinical conditions change.

As clinical conditions change, you may not be seeing the most pertinent alerts in your EMR quickly enough to take action. And, once you’ve identified the need to change, lack of consistency in implementing these pharmacological therapy changes and scattered hospital data insights can impact patient safety and quality of care. 

BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor automates the process of aggregating and standardizing clinical data to empower clinician intervention. It helps advance medication stewardship and patient safety by streamlining your pharmacy’s workflow and utilizing analytics insight to identify areas of opportunity. 

With the integration of advanced analytics into your clinical pharmacy efforts, increased visibility into changing patient conditions and the ability to standardize pharmacologic therapies, you can prioritize critical issues and drive consistencies in care improvement. 

Explore BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor


With BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor you can:

  • Generate alerts for medication orders and lab results, helping to identify patients potentially “at risk” for adverse drug events. 

  • Prepopulate and document organism susceptibility as part of your antimicrobial stewardship efforts. 

  • Compare regional and national antibiotic resistance data and evaluate trends in antimicrobial drug usage.  

  • Benchmark organizational trends across the health system, region and like institutions to help measure your success. 

  • Tailor analytic dashboards to specific initiatives and measure the impact of clinical programs, helping to increase focus on your clinical objectives. 


BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined™ Insights

Get actionable insights for infection prevention efforts

BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined™ Insights, a part of BD HealthSight Analytics, is a hosted software solution that combines clinical surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) with clinical support and educational tools. Fueled by advanced infection prevention analytics, this solution aggregates, normalizes and translates disparate data to help optimize workflow, streamline regulatory reporting, and provide near real time alerts supporting infection prevention. 

Formerly MedMined™ Surveillance Advisor, this comprehensive solution combines ongoing clinical surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) with clinical support and educational tools. With our proprietary Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM) algorithm, you can transform data into actionable intelligence to help identify clinically relevant patterns marking the presence of infection agents.

Explore BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined Insights

With BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined Insights you can:

  • Provide near real time alerts and/or reports on one or many combinations of disparate data (such as microbiology, general labs, & pharmacy data), including COVID-19 related diagnostic tests.
  • Help protect your health system, patients and staff from outbreaks with infection prevention analytics.
  • Support benchmarking of quality initiatives through application of a quality marker, Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM), to help identify clinically relevant patterns marking the presence of infection agents.
  • Identify clinical patterns in healthcare data sets by comparing the current incidence of isolates in a facility to a historic baseline to identify anomalies and emerging clusters including COVID-19 insights.
  • Streamline workflows and automate reporting for HAI submissions.


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BD HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization Analytics Software   

Optimize medication inventory with integrated data analytics  

With prescription medication costs representing more than 13% of U.S. healthcare spend[1] and possibly a similar percentage of your healthcare system’s budget, there is a need for you to be intentional about medication inventory cost control and workflow efficiency.   

But complicating factors stand in the way of efficiently managing medication inventory. Demand for medications is dynamic, so predicting supply is challenging. Pharmacy operations teams are stretched thin, responding to stock-outs that impact patient care. Insufficient visibility means you can’t know the status and location of your medication inventory—and when Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) levels are set too high or too low, it impacts medication availability and respective medication inventory carrying costs. 

BD HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization Analytics Software automates the process of adjusting PAR levels by delivering dynamic, predictive analytics and outcomes-driven workflow recommendations, empowering your clinicians and pharmacists to take meaningful action to optimize on-hand inventory, minimize waste, and reduce stock-out events.   

Using predictive analytics, BD HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization uses advanced analytics to provide data-driven recommendations that identify favorable cost-control opportunities to help you optimize medication inventory levels, minimize waste, reduce stock-outs and improve labor efficiency. By taking action on PAR levels provided by the analytics software, Strong Memorial Hospital lowered medication inventory carrying costs by ~$200,000 during the first three months of utilization, by focusing on standard stock optimization. 

Explore HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization 

Overview video

See how BD HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization Analytics Software empowers your clinicians and pharmacists to take meaningful action to optimize on-hand inventory, minimize waste, and reduce stock-out events.


With BD HealthSight™ Inventory Optimization Analytics Software,  you can:

  • Act on PAR level recommendations to automatically adjust medication inventory. 

  • Prioritize medication redeployment task workflows for soon-to-expire and slow-moving medications. 

  • Manage drug shortages and assign substitute medications. 

  • Obtain enterprise-level visibility and valuation when differing formularies are normalized. 

  • Measure workflow impact through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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BD HealthSight™ Diversion Management Analytics Software 

Identify diversion more efficiently  

Amidst a worsening opioid crisis and global pandemic, diversion remains an insidious problem for hospitals, and prevention remains a key priority. But with visibility gaps across the spectrum of medication management—and across healthcare systems that have grown through consolidation—it is extremely difficult to determine who is stealing medications or what’s being stolen. Investigations into medication diversion can take months—even years—and too often you don’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late. 

BD HealthSight™ Diversion Management leverages machine learning and advanced analytics to recognize patterns in data across your medication management practices.

Connect critical medication inventory management, medication dispensing, and workflows—and integrate them with your EMR—to automatically present probable process deviations so you can investigate them more efficiently. BD solutions leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to zero in on suspicious behavioral patterns. That means you can identify diverters—and have the potential to keep your patients and hospital staff safer. 

Explore BD HealthSight™ Diversion Management

Overview video

See how BD utilizes machine learning algorithms and multiple dispensing behaviors to surface clinicians whose behavior indicates higher risk for diversion.


With BD HealthSight™ Diversion Management you can:

  • Automate time consuming manual review processes to reconcile and automatically flag anomalous dispensing, administration and waste transactions.

  • Identify clinicians whose behavior indicates higher risk for diversion.

  • Monitor, triage and assign potential diversion cases to specific investigators.  

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BD HealthSight™ Viewer

Comprehensive medication status visibility 

At the source of medication errors is a lack of clinical and logistical consistency and visibility—from order to administration—including your most expensive and riskiest medications: IVs. Limited visibility into the flow of all medications leads to inefficiencies, waste and friction between pharmacy operations and nursing.

With BD HealthSight™ Viewer, you will identify, prioritize and address medication needs through a single lens. This solution unites critical data from BD Pyxis™ dispensing and BD Alaris™ infusion systems into advanced pharmacy analytics under one dashboard. This provides improved visibility to bottlenecks in pharmacy fulfillment, empowering pharmacy and nursing to optimize medication availability with collaborative views. 

Explore BD HealthSight™ Viewer

Leveraging IT investments video

BD’s connected medication management capabilities are designed to help you focus on improving clinical care and operational efficiency with your EHR, while reducing IT requirements—across the entire care continuum.


With BD HealthSight™ Viewer, you can:

  • Provide the delivery status of medications to nursing and pharmacy.
  • Prioritize medication orders in the pharmacy with key alerts and notifications.
  • Help ensure medication availability by proactively addressing impending stockouts and missing doses.
  • View the status of medication orders in the pharmacy, enhancing patient care.
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