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About BD Kiestra™

We understand that laboratories are challenged to meet the needs of their customers with continuously evolving sample volumes, shortages of qualified staff, increasing financial pressure from reduced budgets and changing diagnostic methods. 

BD Kiestra™ laboratory automation solutions are uniquely positioned to offer standardized and scalable solutions for inoculation, incubation, plate imaging and reading and follow-up testing. BD Kiestra™ solutions help prepare laboratories to meet these changing demands and achieve efficient, timely and cost-effective clinical bacteriological testing.1, 2 ,3

Features and Benefits
Enhance laboratory productivity

BD Kiestra™ laboratory automation solutions help laboratory leaders and managers to maximize labor productivity, improve laboratory workflow, manage increased testing volumes and potentially impact turnaround time. Staff can then spend their valuable time working on significant cultures and less time on laborious and monotonous tasks.1, 4

Minimize costs

Laboratories can realize labor savings and achieve efficient laboratory processing even as sample volumes increase.1 Implementing BD Kiestra™ solutions into the laboratory provides laboratory leaders and managers the ability to manage the resource allocation of higher-skilled staff to produce high-quality results.1

Advance laboratory efficiencies

BD Kiestra™ solutions may enable laboratories to improve the quality and accuracy of results through standardization of work,1, 5 and accommodate an increase in testing volume with a reduced staff.4

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