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BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ Transport Systems

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BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ tubes, vials and jars are intended for use in maintaining the viability of both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms during transport from the patient to the laboratory. They contain a unique reduced transport medium with reducing agents, and feature an indicator in the medium that further assures system efficacy by continuously monitoring the environment.

Features and Benefits
Organism viability
The unique transport medium with reducing agents maintains the viability of a wide variety of strict anaerobic, facultative and aerobic organisms for up to 72 hours at 20°C to 25°C.
Sterile collection
Sterile packaging enables specimen collection in sterile areas, such as surgical suites.


BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ jar sterile pack

This jar sterile pack features a 3-in screw-cap jar with a 1-in–wide mouth opening to facilitate specimen insertion and removal.

BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ tubes

Available in sterile or nonsterile packs, these tubes collect and transport specimens obtained on swabs.

BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ vials

These vials collect and transport fluid specimens injected directly through a rubber seal onto a soft agar surface.


Products & Accessories
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    BD BBL Port-A-Cul vial sterile pack

  • product-image

    BD BBL Port-A-Cul vial

  • product-image

    BD BBL Port-A-Cul tube with swabs sterile pack

  • product-image

    BD BBL Port-A-Cul tube

  • product-image

    BD BBL Port-A-Cul transport jar3-in sterile pack screw-cap jar with 1-in–wide mouth


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