BD Kiestra™ IdentifA

Automated colony picking and MALDI target spotting


Automated specimen preparation for MALDI-TOF identification.

Powered by BD Synapsys™ informatics solution, the BD Kiestra™ IdentifA automates the preparation of a McFarland suspension for BD™ Bruker MALDI Biotyper® CA System identification, which may provide greater efficiency by reducing labor and processing errors.

Features and Benefits

Deliver accuracy

Discover the power of isolate integrity. The BD Kiestra™ IdentifA accurately picks user selected colonies and uses a "safe zone" to help prevent users from selecting neighboring colonies. Pipette tip calibration, level sensing and measuring steps enable accurate picking of pinpoint colonies.

Streamline laboratory operations

Maximize staff effectiveness and streamline laboratory operations by possibly minimizing rework, manual steps and processing errors.

Workflow management

Provide full traceability during all steps of the BD Bruker MALDI Biotyper® CA System workflow. Powered by BD Synapsys™ informatics solution, the intuitive user interface enables customized dashboards and worklists to optimize the MALDI-ID workflow.

Improve operational efficiency

Streamline your MALDI workflow by combining the BD Bruker MALDI Biotyper® CA System with BD Kiestra™ IdentifA for rapid target preparation and accurate pathogen identification.


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Features and Benefits

Automated and accurate colony picking

Automatically picks user selected colonies, creates a McFarland suspension and spots a BD Bruker MALDI Biotyper® CA System target

Digital colony marking

Precise user selected colony marking utilizing a visual "safe zone" in BD Synapsys™ informatics solution, which is designed to help prevent users from selecting neighboring colonies. Create isolate-specific follow up tasks and configure flexible worklists to meet your laboratory workflow

Layering technology

Process low-growth organisms by applying multiple layers of the McFarland suspension to the BD Bruker MALDI Biotyper® CA System target, designed to ensure the optimal amount of organism is applied for identification the first time

Process routine isolates

Process everyday isolate types such as gram positive, gram negative and yeast. Supports automated extended direct transfer (eDT) preparation adding matrix and formic acid, ensuring successful target preparation

Mucoid strain cutter

Process challenging isolates with the ability to actively detect, cut and process mucoid strains, preventing contamination of the instrument and isolates*. If a mucoid strain is detected, a heated wire will be activated to cut the mucoid strain. A mucoid mixing routine is then applied to create the McFarland suspension

*Data on file

Pinpoint colonies

Select, read and work up low growth isolates using high-resolution imaging and leveraging the layering technology

Low-volume nephelometry

Built-in automated nephelometry accurately detects and measures the McFarland concentration and initiates the layering technology, if needed. The suspension is made in 300µl of de-ionized water, applying a mixing routine to achieve a homogeneous suspension

Reliable traceability

Barcode-driven plate orientation confirms plate identification and colony coordinates

Flexible Connectivity

Available as part of a track-based BD Kiestra™ laboratory automation solution or as a standalone instrument, the BD Kiestra™ IdentifA provides options based on workflow and size of the laboratory


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