IntelliCab™ Will-Call System

As a part of the BD Pyxis™ RapidRx Solutions family, the IntelliCab™ Will-Call System is an RFID-enabled pharmacy automation solution for will-call prescription management. 



IntelliCab™ Will-Call System uses RFID technology to automatically track stored medications and provide near real time visibility as medications move through the prescription filling process. 



  • Automate storage, retrieval and return to stock
  • Utilizes RFID technology to accurately deliver the right prescription to the right patient
  • Reduce prescription retrieval time as well as the return to stock steps





Features and Benefits
RFID-enabled cabinets & SmartBaskets
Pick to light and sound technology
Custom size/mix of SmartBaskets

Automatic notifications by voice calls or text messages when prescriptions are ready 


Add-on feature to electronically capture, manage, and store signatures

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